When You’re Ready to Sell

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Time to sell? We’d like to help. We have pricing down to a science. And most of all, we love creating value.

We’ll consider factors that differentiate your apartment from comparables in your building and neighborhood. We’ll consider renovations you’ve made, the floor you’re on, your ceiling height, and other intangibles. As with all of our work, we don’t treat you like a volume proposition: if there’s more value to be created, we’ll take the time to tell you—and wait patiently until you’re ready.

  • We don’t—and we’ll never—treat your listing as a volume proposition. We know that if we do, that’s what we’ll be to you—and we see this as a unique opportunity to cut your best possible deal.
  • We don’t—and we’ll never—patronize you. With us, you don’t get a veneer: you get a real person who relates to you, and is interested in your actual intentions.
  • We don’t—and we’ll never—leave you in the lurch at closing time. We have resources that meet high standards, and whether you use them or not, we’re there for you.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us.

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