Welcome to New York Squared Real Estate Group…

New York City is breathtaking. Colossal. Full of surprises—good and bad.

You need a real estate agent to help you navigate it—one without a personal agenda. You need a specialist who treats your new place like a substantial decision—not a matter of volume.

You need New York Squared Real Estate Group (NY2). We listen. We explore your vision—down to the width of the hardwood planks. Then we match it with our detailed, rigorous, and practical knowledge of the neighborhoods, blocks, and buildings that make up downtown NYC. Read more.

"In New York, you’re paying for much more than space. You’re paying to have the world in your backyard. You want an agent who understands your motivations. Not only does he know the neighborhoods, the buildings, and the apartments, he’ll also advocate for you. In every real estate transaction, there is a winner and a loser. Where you stand depends solely on what kind of agent you have."–Constantine Hrisikos