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“Constantine is calm, patient and funny. Unlike other brokers, he’s not pushy, and will humor you and give you time to get a real feel for a potential new space. He’ll also take you back to see the same apartment a few times in a row—without complaining. He realizes that renting or purchasing an apartment is a big decision.”

–Liz Alderman, reality show producer, CBS

“Early in the process of buying an apartment, I vetted a few brokers. But I quickly chose Constantine. It was his knowledge of the market, and the fact that he went above and beyond.

Constantine created a sense of urgency for me by asking the hard questions and drilling down to what was most important for me. He made sure I understood the tradeoffs. Our search was exhaustive. But it paid off: my apartment is across from the New York Stock Exchange. It’s in a historic building with a restored gym and pool. It has the feel of an old bank vault—but one with a gym, a ballet studio, a squash court, a bowling alley, and a viewing theater.”

–James Mastronardi, CFO, Pharmapacks.com

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