When It’s Time To Buy

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Hunting for an apartment in NYC can be pure pleasure. We prefer it that way—and so will you.

Want a historic building? We’ll steer clear of modern ones.

Want a terrace? Fine. A penthouse? Even better. We’ll help you understand the tradeoffs of great amenities—and we know how to uncover value.

  • We don’t—and we’ll never—patronize you. With us, you don’t get a veneer: you get a real person.
  • We don’t—and we’ll never—set aside your preferences. We take the time to listen to what you want and need, and let you know what’s out there.
  • We don’t—and we’ll never—take the asking price for granted. We will alwaysstrike the best deal that we can.
  • We don’t—and we’ll never—leave you in the lurch at closing time. We have resources that meet high standards, and whether you use them or not, we’re there for you.

If you’d like to get closer to finding your new place, complete our short questionnaire. Or contact us.

When You Need To Rent

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When you're hunting for an apartment, you don't have forever. If it's time to move, you need to move fast. At the same time, it would be great if y

When You're Ready to Sell

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Time to sell? We'd like to help. We have pricing down to a science. And most of all, we love creating value. We'll consider factor

What is the coolest construction feature in new apartments?

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