New York Year in Review: Celebrity Transactions

As 2012 ends, NY2 offers a year in review of New York real estate transactions and/or listings involving celebrities.


Madonna: 41 Central Park West for $23.5 million

P Diddy: 230 West 56th Street for $8.5 million

Alicia Keys: 30 Crosby Street for $17.95 million

Kiefer Sutherland: 763 Geenwich Street for $17.5 million

Jennifer Aniston: 299 West 12th Street for $7 million

Harrison Ford: 206 West 17th Street for $16 million

Nicole Kidman: 176 Perry Street for $45,000 per month

Robert De Niro: 14 Saint Luke’s Place for $9.5 million

Sarah Jessica Parker: 20 East 10th Street for $25 million

Oprah Winfrey: Place 57 – 207 East 57th Street for $7.9 million

Derek Jeter: Trump World Tower – 845 United Nations Plaza for $15.5 million


New York Squared wishes everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year and may 2013 be kind to everyone!


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