When You Need To Rent

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When you’re hunting for an apartment, you don’t have forever. If it’s time to move, you need to move fast.

At the same time, it would be great if your rental agent took his time to ask you the hard questions—and drill down to what you care about. We know the value in hiring a NYC rental agent comes down to time, money, and knowledge.

Our rental searches combine personalized service with a driving sense of urgency.

  • We don’t—and we’ll never—patronize you. With us, you don’t get a veneer: you get a real person.
  • We don’t—and we’ll never—treat you like a number. We know that if we do, that’s what we’ll be to you—and we’d rather have you stick around, and give us a call the next time.
  • We don’t—and we’ll never—take your lease for granted. If there’s room to negotiate, we’ll let you know, and we will cut you the best deal that we can.

If you’d like to get closer to finding your new place, complete our short questionnaire. Or contact us.

When It's Time To Buy

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Hunting for an apartment in NYC can be pure pleasure. We prefer it that way—and so will you. Want a historic building? We’ll steer clear of mod

When You're Ready to Sell

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Time to sell? We'd like to help. We have pricing down to a science. And most of all, we love creating value. We'll consider factor

A celebrity applies to buy in your building...

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